About Stella

Stella Furnishing engages with commissions for comprehensive interior design and furnishing services of every scale and value. Stella has the ability to source any product, however large or small we realise that every detail is important. Whether you are simply looking for some wallpaper, the perfect lamp or blinds we can cater for every need. If you are looking to remodel a room or make over your whole property, Stella is able to cater for every requirement. 

Our unchallenged knowledge of the interior’s market enables us to guide you step by step and to source the perfect assets, wherever they need to be found and at whatever endeavour. We are able to supply a complete and versatile array of products from cost effective furniture packages for a rental property to a bespoke room or home. Our wide range of products does not inhibit our ability to deliver quality at every level. We recognise the difference between the emotions and costs involved in distinguishing between a personal private address and a generic package aimed at maximizing rental return for an investor. With specialists in each field, each design and quotation is specific to a client’s expectations. No job is too big or small for us, with tailor-made quotations to suit any budget.

Our personal service is designed to assist individuals and families in their choices of fashion, styling and coordination. Our understanding of International cultures helps us to organise thoughts, aspirations and dreams to create the perfect environment for your residence, whatever the theme or character. Equally, for those with distinct ideas of their own, we are delighted to source specialist products such as a grand piano for a ballroom or majestic residence. We compliment a refurbishment project and are able to source any accessory. To this end we have a close working relationships across the UK with developers, estate agents, property managers and other interior designers who are able to benefit from a furnishing specialist.

Our ambition at Stella is to engineer a unique home for you which coordinates fashion, mode, practicality, durability and investment.
Please direct all enquiries to enquiries@stellafurnishing.com